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Keyblade - Tenebrex

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The revised version of Anton/Darkside's keyblade. Yes, it's in his actual portrait pic, but I wasn't happy enough with it, so I redid it somewhat. Tenebrex is, of course, a play on the word 'tenebrous' or shadowy.

Tenebrex is a somewhat more literal opposite to Sora's Keyblade... Tenebrex can literally tear a world open, bared to the Darkness. Even if it's already been locked down. Scary, huh? ^.^
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TalongraspStudent General Artist
O_________O Your damn right, that's scary! O_____O
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de quien ews la keyblade
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I want this keyblade! I want to undo everything Sora did so he would have to start all over again! muahahahahahaha!
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i wanted to ask you if i could make a Tenebrex?
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im seeing this like a bone
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kinda reminds me of a shark
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A-New-BlenderHobbyist General Artist
Wow, it's so rigid and sharp! This is a really awesome keyblade!
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i can stare at the keyblade all day.
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ChojinRyu750Hobbyist Writer
sweet design
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TwinXionStudent Traditional Artist
cool :D
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This is awesome ima make this for my cosplay some day
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awwwwwww yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh
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..... Xenahort was a fool. If he found this he would have won ages ago....

If this is the opposite of sora's keyblade in that sense, then isn't it more of an anti-keyblade? Its a bit to col for me to make a joke about can-opener-blades....

And if redemption is the opposite to this, then who dual wields them? (I assume opposite in this sense is like oblivion and oathkeeper....)
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The keyblade looks awesome
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Oh seen this on KHF. I love this!
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LutianXHobbyist Artist
i want it SO bad XD
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Thats sooooo tight!!
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this is the best keyblade i have ever seen O_O
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PersonaThiefHobbyist Digital Artist
I made this IRL...^^;; I found some cardboard and tinfoil...I hope you don't mind. D: If I take a picture of it--would you like to see?
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