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BGM- High Templar Luzzu

Luzzu@BGM in his position as High Templar... um...well, okay, so no, he doesn't usually dress like that. I just felt like drawing him with his robes around his waist, that's all. Is that wrong? ^.^

He looks strangely like he's plotting something.
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I may sound stupid, but what is this character from? An original story or fan story or something?
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@_@ The coloring is just beautiful! I love his eyes *envy*
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Luzzu is teh_sexey..

*coughs* Gah! It's brilliant, especially all the fine details you've got in there. The robes are very well done (mmmm, battle scars and bare chest), and the Darkside marking on his chest looks great! I like the background too, very temple-like to my eyes.

Well done! He looks awesome!

And sexy. But I already mentioned that. ;) (Wink)
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oh no, not wrong at all. I love this. You're so good at drawing guys!
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cool gauntlets!!!
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I love the texture on this. And there's nothing wrong with a half nekkid Luzzu, in my opinion.
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