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Alone Amongst the Ivy

Young Auron...dealing with his 'condition' after meeting Yunalesca for the second-to-last time. I might be odd, in that Auron really -isn't- one of my favorite characters in FFX (really, I like Tidus, Rikku, and Wakka much better), but he's still pretty durn bishy.

The worst part of this pic was the ivy. Had to handshade the whole thing, light edges and all. Took me -forever-...guh...
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Seimyx's avatar
this is so sexy! :love:
ElleonShoma95's avatar
O.O HOLY SHET *major nosebleed* =F
Bloody-Valentine666's avatar
He`s Hot *drools* ...i love it! <3 *fav
destinykitty's avatar
it is a really nice picture
I like the beads around his arm and the spiky heart design in the ivy
German-animeFreak142's avatar
Nice! Auron never looked so good!
SuperSaiyanSeaElf's avatar
That is sooo sexxxyyyyy ^o^
kiwi2710's avatar
really a great job! it's beautiful....but it makes me sad, too....i mean, auron's fate is just unfair, isn't it? + fav
dark-geijutsuka's avatar
if it's ok, i'm kinda using his position as a reference for a sketch i'm doing. my guy is sticking his sword in the ground, and it looks simliar to how you postitioned Auron. I hope that's ok.
reiida's avatar
wow hes hot! auron me want!!! lol:hug: good job!
dark-geijutsuka's avatar
that's cool, and the thought behind it fits in well.

Mumi's avatar

I love it. Phenominal. ^__^;;
insanemouse's avatar
Please let me have that bishie! *huggles and kidnaps the Auron* Rabid fangirl alert! *runs away with him*

^^ Seriously, I love it.
You-Know-This-Bitch's avatar
yay!!! Go Auron, its a really good idea, sort of like a fayth statue if you think of it, hmm anywaysm i love the ivy border and the way he hold his Katana, hmm :clap: faving!
Aloria's avatar
That looks really really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fairy1234's avatar
Ooo this is sexy. I love the Auron! :drool: :+fav:
AtsuiChokoreto's avatar
*eyes pop out of head* I... Wow.. GOOD AURON HOTNESS, COME HERE! And you got the scars just right too. This is just teh awesome.
KeyshaKitty's avatar
You've done a wonderful job here! :clap: even the scar is detailed! :wow:
4444's avatar
Whoa! This is so sweet and so well-done! And so beautiful! Whoa!! Everything is just perfect, the decorations and the sword, and I like the skintone on the figure ^.^ Great job! *claps*
xiaoyuchi's avatar
Vary, vary nice! Your effort paid off! :+fav:
AngelaSasser's avatar
hummmhmmm.....that's ..very..nice. *is distracted by the bishi-ness* I never realized his scar extended down his chest like thatO_O all this FFX ..gah! I'm still alarmed at the level of detail you put in your work, right down to the beads on his armlet and the subtle patterning in the cltohes...and of course, we can't forget the hand shaded ivy^^ The extra work you put into this was well worth it. My fave parts of this hafta be the sword and the symbol hidden in the ivy. But....where's the sake bottle of dooom??

I'vealways wanted to see a game about Auron and Jecht and Yuna father..this just helps me to daydream more about it. Hummmmm....*continues staring*
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