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The crafters of flesh

I felt like sketching a female Tzimisce, all noble, transformed and regal.

Tzimisce, also known as Fiends, are one of the 13 vampire bloodlines in the World of Darkness. They're known for their habit of using their unique discipline Vicissitude to craft not only their own bodies but those of their servants and ghouls as well to their own view of perfection. Most Tzimisce don't have a single shred of humanity left within them, instead focussing on evolving themselves and becoming even stronger or increasing their knowledge.
As a whole, the Tzimisce are one of the two leading clans of the Sabbat, generally serving as the Pack Priests and leading the sect's rituals. They don't really have Antitribu amongst their clan either, and at the most a Tzimisce goes independant, this because the presence of Tremere amongst the Camarilla is enough (usually) to turn any Tzimisce turn away.
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Much more "likely" to be Tzimisce than the warghoul you showed me :)