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The Craven: A Parody of Poe
Once upon a court inquiry, while my witness plead sincerely,
Over whether or not he witnessed a murder on a mansion floor,
While I prodded, nearly smacking, suddenly there came a cracking,
As of someone's neck snapping, snapping behind the courtroom door.
"Tis some murderer," I muttered, "whacking behind the courtroom door.
Only this and nothing more."
Ah, we linked the oft dismembered mobsters of a chic September,
Yes, the mob's each dying member spilt their guts upon the floor.
Eagerly I swished espresso on the morn I named the torso,
She who until late fought escrow, clauses, deeds, and more.
A wry and wise defense attorney whose office door had read 'Dior.'
Jobless here for evermore.
And the sulking, sad and witless weeping from each extra witness,
Chilled, fulfilled me, raging 'tween the jury's and the judge's snores.
Yet now to hush my unbelieving mind, standing there conceiving:
"Tis some nameless witless witness bleeding 'hind the courtroom door,
Some late nameless witless witn
:iconsandzen:sandzen 189 96
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How Not to Tell a Story
After being on DeviantArt for a few years now, I've noticed patterns in people's stories. Patterns, that I can't say I've ever seen until I started using the internet. I believe that's because these kind of patterns are thoroughly unprofessional. The pattern in short is this:
Character = victim
Plot = bad things happening to said victim
Maybe this sounds harsh. It's not if you understand that is ALL there is to these stories. They take any character, hurl them into a tragedy and that's it.
Let's get this straight: We do not know your character well enough to care about them yet. No matter how bloody and gutty their injuries are, no matter how many of their family members are deceased, no matter what their boyfriend did to them, no matter what kind of disease they have, WE. DO. NOT. CARE!!!!!
These kind of things are sad in themselves, but WHO is this person we're supposed to feel so horrible for? Establish THAT. It should be your absolute FIRST priority: no exceptions.
No more pasting
:iconmakingfunofstuff:MakingFunOfStuff 980 467
OC Mary-Sue Test 2.1
OC Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu Test
This test is designed for Original Characters.  Questions for Role Play Characters and Fan Characters will be added soon.
Now, this tests for both the traditional Mary Sue/Gary Stu, and for 'gloomdog' style characters, which I suppose is a sub-category of the Mary Sue, but is often over-looked in this kind of test.
Further down this test, there is a list of traits and characteristics, each one stating how many points that particular trait is worth.  Simply read through the list, and give your character the appropriate number of points for each of the listed traits/characteristics displayed by your character.
When you reach the end of the list, add up all of your character's points and refer to the results at the very bottom of the test to see (approximately) where your character is on the Sue Scale.
Now, while you're taking this test please also take into account
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Artist | Hobbyist
United States
My name is Morgan and I am currently a college student studying music. I have taken animation classes and traditional art classes with a focus in realism, and I am a self-taught cartoonist and digital artist. The vast majority of my drawings belong to my main "project" of mine: my original series Spirits.

Spirits is a fantasy series that I develop for fun with my sister DragonPledge about young heroes who learn that they are reincarnated deities known as the Spirits. I also independently work on a prequel series about the parents of one of the reincarnated Spirits and their struggles as civilians caught up in a war whose aftermath the Spirits deal with in the sequel series. This project has been constantly revised over almost ten years, so I don't really post plot related pieces since almost nothing is set in stone.

I check my messages with a fair amount of frequency even if my submissions are generally few and far between, so always feel free to say hi!


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