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We should take the other road

Hi all!. Just doodling a little and having fun!
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That a Wendigo with others being it?
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I'm afraid to ask what that thing is in the center. Love the Sasquatch pack too.

probably a wendigo

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"Oh WOW, look at the TIME! It's get the HECK out of here o'clock!"

In all seriousness, that is one beautiful picture. I love it. It's great. Just a whole beautiful feeling of "Nope™"
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It's the Groke!
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"You came to the wrong neighborhood motherfucker" 
We should take the other road.

Why? What could possibly go wrong?
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Dang, it's like you've been to northern Minnesota or something.  I found this pic because I'm currently writing down a story about my own encounter with one of these things.
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I love title it sounds so Casula like, " Yeah, lets take the other road so we don't get mauled by the monster" XD Great art I love it
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too late to decide :D
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That's just friggin' CREEPY!
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:sing: The unforsaken road!
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This looks awesome
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This is just so great.  :frightened: 
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Yeah, "just doodlin" stop showing of, this looks amazing, you probably spent hours on it, big deal
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Amazing, very creepy! I love the design, also and the detail of the sign is briliant.
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So spooky! I love it!
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Wendigos, awesome
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na, it's fine, it's just hungry for shotgun shells.
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I feel a holy water covered stake gun would have been more suitable here, although a shotgun would be okay as well.
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Now that you said it, get the catholic dude and load him into a cannon with religious stuff on the cannon, and hope that nothing bad happens.
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