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16.10.13 | Windows 7 | Flathat Desktop

By Nachosaurio
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System Operative: Windows 7 Home Premium
Visual Style: Absolute
Rainmeter: Flatter
Start Orb: None
Wallpaper: Vintage

Skin: Prime Glass
Icons: Circle Icons

If you want to see the theme, click here:
If you want to see it full, click here:
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Hello Nachosaurio. Just by chance, do you still have the rainmeter skin? I've been looking for it and seems it disappeared from the internet. By the way, good old desktop :D
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can you provide link to this theme?
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Amazing desktop! Quite refreshing! and how do you manage to change all the system icons? I can not find one program to do that. It only allows me to change some of it. Thanks!
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Customizer god works too
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Thank you very much! Icon Packager!
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how did u get your rocket docket all the way up there!!! mine only goes 2 cm up.
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I don't know bro
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how to use this veiul style in window 7 home premium
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Excuse moi sir, can you tell me how to get those music control icons you got on the taskbar? merci.
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Hi! Sorry to bother you but, how to change the color of the clock and date widget just like that one of yours? mine is orange in default and don't know how to change. Anyways, great desktop! :)
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I edit the background with Photoshop, it's on the rainmeter folder. 
Anyway, If you don't know how to do it, I can do it for you. If you wanna know what color I used, you have to go to the webpage "" :)
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and btw, i can't find rocketdock icons skins. no luck on google and deviant. :( :O
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nevermind. i found the rocketdock skin. sorry. 
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nice desktop, thanks for sharing
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awesome can you share the dock icons 
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i couldnt find the rainmeter theme as well as the rocketdock skin, can you share it? Thank you
Nachosaurio's avatar
Did not get it lol
What do you want? RM theme?…
and (just in case)…
You're welcome :)
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Clean and functional. That's how I like it.
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Thank you so much, that's what I thought when I create this desktop :)
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Can you share the system icons on the theme screen ?
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