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I´ll be this November at Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show the days 15 & 16, and also at Paris Comics Expo the days 23 & 24, so you can make your orders for any of these dates. I´ll upload the rates on next week! See you in Paris!
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Now I´ve just finished Chevaliers del Horoscope book 3 and I´m attending some small orders and commissions. I´ll be soon announcing new comic book ventures for current year!

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Hi everyone! After the huge effort to get finished in time the "Supergrupo" Comic Book Album in Spain (a really fan-favorite on my country) Ive been some months with low energies. There are some things have really got me onto depression. The own "Supergrupo" comic book was something I wanted to do since I was a kid (This superhero parody is a real classic of humor comic in Spain) And, now, once done, Im not satisfied with the final results. in part for the too much fast work, and in part for having done a color treatment ordered by publisher that, I think, have messed up all my artwork.

Then, there are the money troubles of my country, those are really a matter of absolutely wrong policies during many years, from the end of dictature until now. Weve got no real sense of great business, no investing on the future, just to get money ASAP, and the result of all this has been a country absolutely focused on construction and tourist sector during decades, as many south-european countries, just asking for credits to pay everything. When the great bank crash happened in the USA and spread across all planet, Spain was one of the most damaged countries.

Its unfair to say were just a country of lazy people. We can work really hard. The problem during decades has been the direction. A country ruled by liars and thieves, and now, a country full of people fired and busted out of their homes. All this shit is enough to get depression day by day... many people is looking for jobs outside , on foreign countries, and proving spanish workers work even better out of spain. Many of them will not come back here.

Ive not been able to focus on my work, even on my own projects, during the last 3 months. Now I must get the order jobs and Im trying to get back my rhytm of last year. Actually, I was working in an absolutely accelerated speed during all last year, to get some fine results, and the lack of good news have broken my strenght.

My 2 current jobs are the 3rd book of my Saint Seiya parody (Im a bit tired of parodies) and a humor comic book about the crisis in Spain , centered on the health service twist to private sector)I d like to get finished for this summer. I want to start with my own project Witchgears, and I hope to announce some news on next month, for the Geekopolis Convention in France.
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I´ve received recently this link to another guy selling T-shirts with my drawings.…;

 I don´t like to post my artworks too much small or with a watermark in the middle, so don´t force me to... I like to share these pieces with everybody. (Anyways, I don´t upload the print size, that´s just for my customers) If you wana sell artworks, sell your own artworks, please. This is absurd.
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Ok. I´ve done. After reading all your responses and comments (many thanks, people) I´ve decided to post again the erotic commission. Anyways, I´ll get another gallery outside DA to upload the main part of my erotic stuff. Some people use to order me erotic commissions, and I prefer to keep this site to contact them.

And that´s all about the most spicy stufff. I´ll post soon some new art from my other projects. There will be also more cute hot girls, of course XDD
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I´ve decided, after reading some worried comments on one of my last deviations, to remove all "conflictive stuff" from my gallery. I´m tired to be afraid. I´m tired to wait the next punishment. On the future any new erotic stuff I would do will be uploaded to other site, possibly Hentai Foundry. That´s all.
As you can see. Wolf & Sister is on the road again. I´ll try to get a new page each week, and they´ll be displayed on the english website Space Wolves Blog,… Spanish Webcomic site Subcultura.

Cheers up and go for the Allfather will!

First of all, I must say I enjoy really much doing this comic.

1- Wolf & Sister is a Webcomic I ve been doing for free, so I´m not in the obligation to continue it.

2- It was done by order for Darkseer´s Space Wolves Blog.  I didn´t decided to do it as a personal project.

3- The Space Wolves Blog will not publish more pages and  I´ve been really busy during these last months with 2 important and urgent jobs for  spanish and french publishers. Really urgent, complicated and hard.

Ok, and now the future plans...

1- I wanna continue this series soon, and publish the pages here and on Subcultura.

2- I´ll be working on 2 new comic projects, so I hope to have enough time for a weekly page.

3- I´d like to have time for another own webcomic, so I´ll advice when it would starts.

Wolf & Sister have been one of my first webcomic experiences and the first one with my own script, so I´m really pleased with your feedback. Many thanks.
I´ve been out for 2 weeks due to some inquiry about my nude sex scenes. It seems you can show crude explicit nude pics, with the genitals absolutely exposed,  but not sexual activity...   

I´m back again and ready to do any new commission you wish for me ... from February, because this month I have a really full calendary ^-^U

I´m currently hard working on my Game of Thrones Parody for Spain and you´ll can meet me at Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show in february, relaunching my Saint Seiya parody, Chevaliers del Horosocope!! Commissions are also allowed ^^

Greetings and happy new Dragon year!
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I´ve noticed this weekend The pageview counter has reached more than 200.000. Beautiful number. I´ll do some special drawing to celebrate, and possibly that drawing will be WH 40.000 related. I´m getting some ideas and you´ll see some of them soon.

At current moment, I plan to draw some of my favourite Primarchs, and color the image of Euphrati and Loken. Sadly, my current time now is really limited so I cannot do something too much complex or composed of many different elements.

Este finde me he encontrado que el contador de visitas ha alcanzado ya más de 200.000. Una bonita cifra. Voy a mirar de hacer algun dibujo especial para celebrarlo, y posiblemente será de WH 40.000. Estoy teniendo en cuenta algunas ideas, y las vereis pronto. Algunas de las ideas que he barajado son realizar dibujos de mis primarcas favoritos y colorear el duibujo de Euphrati y Loken.

Desgraciadamente por ahora no dispongo de mucho tiempo, o sea que para no eternizarme trataré de no liarme con algo que me resulte demasaido largo de hacer, complejo o compuesto de demasiadas cosas.
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Check this video. It has made  for someone called Virusuikas in Youtube using pieces of my WH 40.000 art, some small animations and background music. Result is truly epic! Thank You man!:D…
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First page has been submitted at Space Wolves Blog, here:…

Webcomic will be updated every wednesday. Enjoy it!

For spanish readers there are another site, here:…

Wolf & Sister está ya disponible en el blog de los Lobos Espaciales, será actualizado cada miercoles.

Ya hay disponible una versión en español en la dirección de abajo.

Many thanks, Darkzeer and Darkdarius

Muchas gracias a los dos!
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That´s right. The Webcomic that Darkzeer … ordered me to display at his weblog dedicated to Space Wolves will start on April. This way I´ll get a good quantity of pages in stock. Some pages are now done and colored, as the Noise Marines page, that´s really nice.

I´ve no plan to do any merchandise, because this is just free promo for GW, and I don´t want to receive any letter from their lawyers XDD. Anyways, all production stuff will be uploaded there, as linearts or sketches. And some teaser, of course!

This is a simple story as I like more, so ypu´ll find some situations a bit lighter than all that 40.000 dark background. In any case all wil be done from my sincere love to thos universe since I dicovered the huge Rogue Trader book (coughsquatscough!) and its atmosphere.

This is the weblog… A real candy to all Wolves lovers!
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Once again, I´ll be at Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show at Porte de Versailles, Paris. I´ll be doing commissions and selling original pages and some illustrated cards, like the New Chinese Year of Rabbit greeting card. I´ll submit it to DA only when return from Paris, so they will have the novelty.

See you there!

Una vez más, estaré en el Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show en la feria de muestras de Puerta de Versalles. Estaré vendiendo páginas originales y algunas tarjetas como la que he realizado para el Año Nuevo Chino del Conejo. Esa tarjeta solo la subiré a DA una vez que vuelva de Paris, así tendrán la primicia.

Nos vemos allí!
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Con todo el tiempo que llevo currando para fuera sin apenas publicar en España, me he dado cuenta que mi sitio de Deviant Art estaba siendo seguido por mucha gente de todo el mundo y muy pocos de casa. Siempre me dicen aquí que me tienen perdida la pista, así que empiezo con mi nuevo Blog para empezar a poner al dia a mis seguidores en lengua hispana. Se avecinan varias novedades entre este año y el que viene, y con este otro espacio en la red espero llegar a más gente aquí en España.

Por supuesto, mi espacio aquí sigue adelante para cualquier tipo de material nuevo.

At the moment, because my work has been done essentially for foreign market, many spanish readers from the 90´s have lost my path. Now I start a new blog (sorry, in spanish only for yet) to recover the contact with all them and advice about all new releases for this and next year in spanish market. All you are invited to join and discover some curious stuff, and practice some spanish too :)

Of course, I´ll go on with my DA space too, for all type of new stuff.

Nos vemos allá.

See you there.
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At least, now I´ve got some more time and can start with all that comission stuff.

Por fin tengo algo de tiempo. Podré empezar a ponerme con el tema de las comissions.

Tarifas /rates  for Comissions:

Pencil sketch/ boceto lápiz- 10-20 USD

Single character lineart B/W – 40-50 USD
Personaje tinta blanco y negro

Single color character without background- 70-80 USD
Personaje color sin fondo

Single color character with background- 100-120 USD

Any additional character- 20 more USD
Cualquier personaje adicional

There pretty simple rates. I´m not as maniac with all the different variations… for yet XD

Obviously, the exchange Euro-Dollar benefits to European Deviants.

Once received the order, I send an initial sketch with the concept to get correctly the idea. During the process I can send several samples in order to get the best feedback. Once finished, I send an original size file of the piece on JPEG. I can convert to CMYK or TIFF if necessary. Also I can send the PSD file if you need it. And of course, the original on paper.

I´ll upload to my DA any of the commission pieces. Just on reduced size and watermarked.

Any question?

No he querido comerme mucho la cabeza con las tarifas, pero no creo que me haya pasado. Para los Españoles, es obvio que el cambio a euros os beneficia. No voy a ser tan guarro de hacer la conversión Euro=Dólar.

Al recibir el encargo, lo primero que mandaré será un boceto para saber que he cogido la idea, después iré enviando muestras del proceso para comprobar si voy bien. Una vez terminado, enviaré una copia al tamaño original, pudiendo enviar el documento en JPEG, TIFF, convirtiendolo a CMYK si fuera necesario. Tambien puedo enviar el documento original PSD si alguien lo solicita. Y por supuesto, el original en papel.

Puedo colgar en mi DA aquellas comissions que considere oportunas, siempre en tamaño reducido y con marca de agua.

¿Alguna pregunta?
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I´ve done! KFM has been finished in the time I had. Now I´m preparing two new projects, but I´ll have time to get comissions. I´ll publish my rates soon!

What a summer, Dear god!

¡Está hecho! ¡KFM está acabado, y a tiempo!Ahora dispondré de algo más de tiempo para compaginar mis nuevos proyectos con comisiones a la carta. Publicaré pronto una lista de tarifas.

¡Jopé que verano me he tirao!
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Con crisis y todo, espero que alguien se pueda tomar unas buenas vacaciones. Las mias van a consistir en encerrarme a dibujar las 22 paginas que me faltan de Kung Fu Mousse y colorear todo (62 paginas) tengo dos meses. Si no, no llegaremos a tiempo para el Salón del Manga de Barcelona, y es importante sacar las novedades ahí.

Confío en pasarme despues por Madrid en el Expocomic con mis novedades debajo del brazo. Que paseis un buen verano.

Even on these recession times, I hope anybody can to get some nice vacations. Mine will be to stay at home drawing the remaining 22 pages to finish Kung Fu Mousse, and coloring all (62  album format pages)I´ve got two months for all. If not, I´ll not be able to release the comic at Barcelona Manga Con.

I wish a nice Summer to everybody.
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On next weekend, I´ll be at Expomanga convention in Madrid. There will be displayed an exhibition of my most famous work in Spain, Dragonball parody titled Dragonfall. I´ll be also doing a masterclass about Super Deformed character design.

I´m now working histerically in order to complete my Kung Fu Mousse comic for an Integral book edition in October.XD Deadline is for the end of Summer.

Ando loco estos dias, tengo que entregar para final del verano un montonazo de paginas para poder editar Kung Fu Mousse por fin en España, en formato integral (todo en un solo libro)Si alguien quiere conocer los detalles que me pregunte allí en Madrid. Este fin de semana estaré firmando tebeos en el Expomanga, donde habrá una expo dedicada a los 15 años del Dragonfall y daré una masterclass de hacer chibis.

Y además ando haciendo limpieza de trastos en casa, tengo revistas a punta pala para deshacerme. ¿Alguien quiere newtypes japonesas y otras frikadas? XD
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Yeah, It´s done. I´ve returned from Angoulême Comic festival and I´ve asked to many of the french publishers to review my current projects for this year or next. And again, has been really difficult, or just impossible, to meet some of all these persons. It´s better for now continuing with my current album for Saure, the Special Dragonfall book for October Barcelona Manga Hall, and studying the different options to publish KFM and Chevaliers in Spain.

I´ll try again to contact all these french publishers by E-Mail, and without pressures, during the current year.

All that new artwork for these projects will be submitted to my DA gallery soon. Stay on contact :)
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