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Mazinger Z

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Now a little bit of nostalgia. Mazinger Z, the SuperRobot created by Go Nagai, was my inspiration since my childhood, and the most important reason, with Star Wars for my love to Robots and Sci-Fi. In Spain was in TV on 1978 and became a total phenomenon on that years when my country was on the transition to democracy.

The most popular phrase on that years among children was "¡Puños fuera!" ( Rocket Punch!)

Color is applied with Flash. Simply and fast. (isn´t too god, I know)

Edit: I´ve retouched color to give it less saturation.
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Je je nadie se mete con Mazinger.
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Bienvenido al grupo MazinStory y muchas gracias por este fanart tan bonito ; estoy muy contenta de verlo en el grupo.
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Gracias a vosotros por ofrecerme ^^ vereis más ilustraciones de Mazinger por mi galería, una de ellas muy reciente.
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¡ Más ilustraciones de Mazinger ! Iré a ver pero no dudes en subirlas.
Bienvenido al grupo MazinStory y ¡ que lo pases bien !
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very cool&shape!

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You say this pic you made is not good??? Oh my darling, this one is awesome.
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"Well, that's another one down for the count."
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This my friends, is what we in the business call; epic.
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Many thanks! ^^
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Many more your welcomes!:)
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Mazinger Z sucks. Saint Seiya Omega is much better.
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Geez dude you just click on the deviation just to say that? what an asshole....
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Now the problem: Getting the fist out of the DEAD Bad guy....
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Ooooooh !! Grande ese Mazinger Z
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¿Y cómo olvidar el Mazinger rojo coreano, que nos trataron de pasar como el original? :D

En serio, ¿cómo olvidarlo? ¡No lo consigo! >_<
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Rocketto Punch! solves everything!
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Mazinger Z, el jodido puto amo....
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Genial encontrar por aqui gente que todavia se digne a dibujar esto :clap:
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jaja me encanta mazinger guen trabajo..¡¡¡
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punos atomicos, cortador de hierro, rayos fotonicos....awesome job, it looks amazing!! [link]
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Not too good? I really like it! It's simple, powerful and straight to the a true Super Robot :) ! Great!
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I really love this drawing. The style has a lot of character. It would make a fantastic poster.
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