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Hight-Tech Version of Mazinger Z and Grendizer (Goldorak) 
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MP250 series
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both are the same size! is Mazinkaiser who is Biger of Mazinger z and grendizer (goldorak)
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grendizer is bigger than mazinger actually,

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No i see their size is grendizer ( goldorak ) is the same size of grant mazinger but is smaller compare to Mazinkaiser..well a kaiser classe are really big and not push over!, plus i see a episode of Goldorak fight grant mazinger(who a be steal by the enemy) mazinger is a little smaller compare the two of them but if we compare Mazinkaiser is look as child compare to it, many fan mistake the size of goldorak and mazinger's but goldorak is big then the megazord form power rangers who is only 30 meter high but goldorak and grant mazinger are both 40 or 50 high*if not mistake, is long i look it* But Mazinkaiser him is 100 meter high. a real titan!

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most sizes i found for mazinger pin him at 18 meters tall, generally making mazinger to be a bit of a shorty among super robots, not that it's weak or anything. while grendizer is about 30 meters tall and great is somewhere in the ball park of 25 meters. most versions of getter robo are taller than that since they're about 33 or so meters tall, except getter 3 since it has no legs and is therefore about 20 or so meters, and original getter robo is the shortest version, both shin getter and getter robo g are over 50 meters tall. mazinkaiser's size seems to gravitate towards 28 meters tall according to SRW, which is where it came from. i personally think that the size of the super robot doesn't really matter most of the time anyway, mazinger z may not be as large as the other super robots, but it still isn't a pushover.

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BlKMaTTrHobbyist Traditional Artist
You are Awesome! Great work
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UbermonsterProfessional Digital Artist
love the gesture !
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Yeah I wanted something powerful and agressive.
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Nice, the I like your Grendizer more than Go Nagai's Grendizer Giga redesign.
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many thanks. I feel honored!
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Awesome style!
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Many thanks ^^
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good job
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Nice !!!
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Sexual-YetiProfessional Digital Artist
This is so retro! I love it!
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MaKo85Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah, glorious childhood days...cheering for giant robots to beat the crap out of alien monsters:heart:
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Is Grendizer in the background? Because, frankly, the memories I have of the shows make me think that Mazinger and Grendizer are roughly the same height.
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I´m not sure, but on many sources Grendizer is bigger than Mazinger. Actually, many times they depict Grandizer absurdy bigger. I prefer to consider it´s over a half  bigger than Mazinger.
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Looking at the pictures and the official 'crossover' movie, they seemed pretty much equal in stature, with the ORIGINAL Mazinger being a bit smaller and Mazinkaiser equal.
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RyugaSSJ3Student Traditional Artist
Wow..didn't think the drake of gold is...that small.
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No, it isn´t. Actually the Grendizer is bigger than Mazinger, but is far away from watcher, at background. 
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RyugaSSJ3Student Traditional Artist
Ohh..I didn't know that. So is Gren much bigger than Mazinkaiser?
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Well, there is a size comparison chart. Anyways, even if these sizes are canon, I consider Mazinger/gundam size over the limit of technology, so a giant 60 mt size robot is absurdly big for me.
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