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Joan of arc

Commission done on last Paris Manga in February and recently colored, for my friend Franck Jule. I did enphasis on mythic and epic imginery for this work.
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Finally, an artist that Mark Twain's wight doesn't have to hunt down!
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She suffered much for God. She is a great Saint.
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I really like what you did with her settings and everything!
about how dramatic it looks, it's very nice...
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Many thanks. I was not sure abot how to draw her.
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I learned about that person in history a long time ago in middleschool. Hard to believe how unbelievably sick people were to punish people in the most unthinkably cruel ways back then.

Yeah, now we bomb cities. Allow us to kill thousands at once.

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One of my favorite female figures from history..
Great portrayal..
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her hair as a kid and hair as a soldier should be switched as she cut it for battle
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I find it weird that many people portray her in a dress, when she was burned at the stake for wearing male clothes and I quote "Laced tight so as not to raped by her jailors."
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people feel the need to sexualize and feminize her, it's so gross
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It's nasty the sexualisation! The feminization I presume is because she was a lady and they want to show her femininity (and she was quite "feminine"  before she left for France if you refer to gender expectations at the time).
For "idealized style" portrayals that can work and look very pretty so long as it is respectful, but it is very inaccurate because Joan wore men's clothes and had her hair cut short like a knight's. As for the sexualisation I find it awful that people think "girl" or  "woman" and make her look all "sexy" and that's gross and disrespectful especially because Joan was a lady full of strength, intellect, faith and personality and they show none of that and slap her name on some scantily-clad woman, despite the fact that Joan herself was so devoted to chastity and was known as La Pucelle (in English, The Maiden or The Virgin). I do not know what would compel one to do such a thing

Do you think this piece does the latter of these? Feminization certainly in regards to the fit of her armor and her long hair. I don't believe it does the latter, sexualisation, as her armor, though inaccurate, is of a plausible design and covering. Her martyrdom robe would not have had the slit in it for sure (she also had a "heresy hat" and shaved hair) but I think  it was put here for "dramatic and cool effect" not at all to be "sexy :D .

To the artist: This piece has good atmosphere and dramatic effect :)
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Certainly odd for a Canonized Saint.
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Jeanne d'Arc looks a lot like a Sister of Battle !
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That's because the Sisters of battle are directly based off of Joan of Arc, with a little bit of fish speakers from dune added in.
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that Joan sure give us brits a good beating in her 4 years, very aggresive in her strategies
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A very cute Jeanne you have there ^^
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a mort les rosbifs!
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I'm not sure many people know this but I've read that a very prolific child predator and serial killer was one of her leading colleagues and generals during this era.
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