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Children of Dune... or else

A chibi touch of humor to begin fine this year.

Idea came to me today in the morning. I was watching Dune film on past week.
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haha, thats so funny!
asaziel's avatar
I love Pauls facial expression.^^
Hemlock-the-Cat's avatar
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That's funny. Love it!
cute!:D :D :D
I found this one...[link]
GnarlyNewty's avatar
Love your style!
Grigori77's avatar
:lol: Oh sweet ... :glomp: My fave book ever ... ;)
alan-mcmillian's avatar
Chibi Sting cracks me up :)
Radzha's avatar
"the shit must flow"XDDDDD Man, that's made my day!
Who controls worm should clean after him. XD
NachoMon's avatar
Yeah, indeed! XDDDD Many thanks. That´s a joke I had in mind during years XDDD
MelzGrave's avatar
Dios mio Harkonen!!!! estuve reviendome la pelicula hace unas semanas XD
HinoNeko's avatar
Check it out, you've been featured in Hidden Gems of Fanart! [link]
admiral-squee's avatar
Awesome, man. Awesome.
MaKo85's avatar
I'm pretty sure I watched that movie only to see Sting in a speedo XD <3
Sexual-Yeti's avatar
*raises glass* To Frank Herbert! :+fav:
Ravenkeeper's avatar
bwahahahah *the shit must flow* XD
Proiteus's avatar
Fantastic film, fantastic picture. :D
That sandworm rules. :)
Tiquitoc's avatar
Muy divertido, ¡¡que tengas un muy buen año!!... :wave:
Noldofinve's avatar
Great Shai-Hulud, what an unexpected change! O rather.. young Atreides got a new puppet.
Usagiman's avatar
¿Y no te has dormido? Porque servidor es llegar a la parte del despegue desde la orbita de caladan y siemp`re, siempre me quedo frito.
AngelicAdonis's avatar
lol. Thats pretty fantastic!
frazamm's avatar
Reading through all the Dune novels just now, presently on Heretics of Dune.

Love the Old Baron and Paul!!
Apache111's avatar
AWWWWWW!!!!! the sandworm is soooooooooooo cute!!! can i keep him?
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