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September 24, 2014
The fantastic level of detail and composition makes you feel like you are in the throne room among the crusaders.
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The final piece is here. Could guess how many skulls are in there?
Done for Games Workshop
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AWWW yeah Black Templars! Better pray three times a day or you will be praying out that airlock!

As for how many skulls....All of them

I must say that this game has the best graphics, and for sure if I list my favorite graphic games, then this would be in the top 15. The developers worked quite hard to come up with such a product, especially the nighttime gameplay is pretty impressive and beautiful. It's kinda colorful as well, but not too much, however, this thing also makes the gaming expereince much better. I used to play it on my pc usually.

Check out my specs here:

I can make it count 21. BTW its an amazing piece of artwork. The creativity and your imagination is just awesome. This piece seems to be having ancient art framed into the piece of modern art though both modern and ancient art has great difference as one can read here.

I have been playing android games and thats what it look like.

This is really cool.

Do you have the original file ? Nice work BTW

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I am counting 41. AND THIS IS SO COOL
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Everyone is remarkably calm considering whats happening outside.
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Just another Tuesday.
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Wow!  At a loss for words.  Super job!
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Really love the battle raging outside, almost like two paintings in one!
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whou butifull!!:D
you have done Holy Terra and the Chapter proud, very well done. 55 skulls btw is my count
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Awesome work !!! DD deserved !!
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At least i know is above 22 skulls for sure
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me encanta, es una pasada de chulo!!!
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I count a total of 47 skulls. Am I correct?
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Thank you for doing the Black Templars justice with this cover. Fantastic work.
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Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:

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Outstanding work! Love the details, that puts this piece over the top ;)
Congrats on the DD! :hug: 
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