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Seccond half of the cover I did for Warhammer 40k's Red Waaagh, published by Games Workshop.

You can see the fist half here
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Remember the planet still broke before the Guard.
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Never forget the loss of Cadia......

Ave Imperator.
The fluorescent lighting is unbelievable. Nice work!
Cadia .... never forget Really Sad 
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Field Marshal Walter Model serves his Führ... oh I mean his Emperor!
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Bloodrayne is needed here to clean things up. :D
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Por el Emperador! que buen trabajo de arte, que bien se ven los tres, felicidades.
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I did not enjoy the heresy I just saw. I am afraid I must end you.
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Nice Command Squad!!!
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I know I'll get shot for this but there's one thing about this picture that is off to me.

Let me establish that you've done an undeniably marvelous job on this picture. You can feel the depth and the presence of power that is the Imperial Guard. The details in the two Guardsmen and veteran Commissar are well displayed. 

As for the small problem with this picture, why is there a rubber tube hooked between the Commissar's sword and his belt? My problem with this is that the hose looks as though it doesn't have enough length for the Commissar to swing his sword around. I can understand the idea of keeping the sword close so that it doesn't get taken away by a villain such as a heretic working for the ruinous powers of Chaos. But even if the hose is stretchy enough to swing the sword around, wouldn't the hose catch on to something like an Ork's powah klaw?
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the matter of the hose is perspective. He's holding the sword in front of himself so perhaps we're not seeing the full length of the hose (power cable). 

I say power cable because perhaps that's a power sword.
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Glory to the Imperial guard!
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Oh my... that's good, really good!!!
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:onfire: ... excellent work!
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Great, love the details and atmosphere.
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They look so epic... Awesome art!
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simply fantastic. love the cool colours with the touch of reds. amazing artwork
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