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Another illustration I did for Games Workshop. 
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Splendid. Vivid colours across the upper half, good blood splatter and with some nice fangs or claws on that boot. In snowy haze and furs! What's not to like?

Besides, have you ever heard of the spiritual successor of Warhammer Fantasy?
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Uno de los mejores ragnar que he visto, lograste plasmar su ferocidad y su majestuosidad como señor lobo, felicidades, excelente trabajo.
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The pic is gorgeous. just a few things about accuracy if you don't mind:

1) Wolfpelt on his shoulders should be black, hence the name Ragnar Blackmane
2) He must have beard and mustache
3) The weapon frostfang is a power weapon, not a chain weapon.

But then again, who cares :)
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1 is a fair point, but Ragnar has never been shown with facial hair, and Frostfang's always been a chain weapon. It's a Frost Blade, which has teeth taken from a Fenrisian Ice Kraken, which are hard enough to make it comparable to a power weapon in effectiveness.
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About a month ago I began a Space Wolves army after reading Kings omnibus. Ragnar is my HQ and this does all sorts of Justice to his character from the novels. Especially the impressive detail on the the character :D
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how does he even walk??? 0-0 that badass armour looks freakin' heavy *^*
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Space Marines are biologically enhanced Superhumans and their armors are servo-powered too. Even without any support by the armors systems, he could probably just walk around like on a summers day wearing nothing but shorts :)
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eh? thats so COOL XD O WOW!
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Not to mention he's got so much muscle that he needs two hearts to sustain it. The concept of this Space Marine inspired endless great franchises like Halo, Gears of War and even Doom! And that's just the tip of the spear! Go ahead and educate yourself on the awesomeness that is Warhammer 40K, THE greatest sci-fi franchise ever! It's got everything! Tanks the size of bulidings, with 11 barrels (at minimum), mechas the size of cities, alien races (manipulative, barbaric, insectlike and robotic), demons, traitors, gods of immesuable power plotting on how to make the galaxy an even greater hellhole than it already is and so much more.
Simply put: Pure mansauce, mixed with awesome and epic. I strongly suggest that you learn more about this fan-friggin'-tastic franchise. You won't regret it! FAIR WARNING: It is EXRTEMELY dark. It makes other crazy stuff in comics and anime seem like My Little Pony in comparison. Prepare your self for mind-bending horrors that'll make The Joker look like the picture of sanity.

But still loads of fun. And gore. And guns. And badasses. Go ahead and read about it.
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OMG O-O wow! I'm sure I will :D
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There are several sites for you to pick up information about the franchise. If you want detailed information, go to the Lexicanum. But if you want short, sweet, vulgar and hilarious versions, go to 1d4chan.
Don't expect happiness, like in Star Trek or Star Wars. It's dark, edgy, gritty and depressing. As the label says: "In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war." But make sure to read about it only if you can spare time because there is A LOT of lore. But still interesting and deep. And awesome.
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cool! I'll check 'em out
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Woah that´s damn freakin awesome.
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Fantastic character!;-)
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keep 'em comin'!
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Ragnar was one of my first Space Wolf models. The sculpt hasn't aged well, but this artwork is bloody brilliant.
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best Ragnar! Ever!
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