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I´m so happy to show my first illustration for Games Workshop for a Warhammer 40k codex supplement under art direction of Darius Hinks.
I painted this one back in June while working full time as a concept artist in a videogame studio. I reccon I was bussy as hell, but in a sense, painting this was kind of relieving as I did it as if it were for myself. Furthermore, I tried to apply all the skills I had developped painting mech stuff for the studio during the previous months. Overall, I learned a lot out of it and it turned out to be such a enjoyable commission. Stay tunned because there will be more to come.

For the Warhammer fans and geeks: Sons of Horus figting Emperor´s Childrens, both becoming Chaos.

EDIT: I updated a small step by step tutorial of this image.

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Cool! Thanks for the step by step too!
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Awesome Kick A** Warriors!
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Pre-Heresy Sons Of Horus in Mk. VII Aquila Armor?

Or is that supposed to be Mk. V?
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markiplier scared creepy   SPEECHLESS  la in love 
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Epica escena de batalla, muy buen trabajo.
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Very nicely done this is a perfect representation of the sons of horus at the start of the turn to chaos.
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The Eagle armor they wear is supposed to be developed after the forces of Horus entered the solar system, and is almost unknown to be possed by Chaos marines, especially that early.

I wonder why Games Workshop didnt at least give you some reference material.
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Great work! I work with a same AD now, really great guys to work with :)
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Without a doubt this music… go well with your painting. 
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My god, why so cool?
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Spetacular work!!
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Awesome, some of my friend will surely like it!
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Dat Dreadnaught.
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Fantastic piece. 
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