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I´m so happy to show my first illustration for Games Workshop for a Warhammer 40k codex supplement under art direction of Darius Hinks.
I painted this one back in June while working full time as a concept artist in a videogame studio. I reccon I was bussy as hell, but in a sense, painting this was kind of relieving as I did it as if it were for myself. Furthermore, I tried to apply all the skills I had developped painting mech stuff for the studio during the previous months. Overall, I learned a lot out of it and it turned out to be such a enjoyable commission. Stay tunned because there will be more to come.

For the Warhammer fans and geeks: Sons of Horus figting Emperor´s Childrens, both becoming Chaos.

EDIT: I updated a small step by step tutorial of this image.

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