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Happy Birthday, Naxther

A birthday present for :iconnaxther: commissioned by :icondarranell:

This picture is somewhat darker and more bloody than what I ussually draw, but the challenge was accepted. What to say more? I just hope you'll like it, Naxther and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)
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Greynose's avatar
That's interesting.. you usually draw those elegant, slim dragons with thin waists and a huge curve when the belly meets the thorax. This one looks even a bit clumsy in comparison C:
Nachiii's avatar
True, true. This one was supposed to be more scary and ominous rather than elegant, so I guess that's why. Though honestly I myself didn't really notice :D Thank you for the comment and please forgive me for such a late answer :aww:
BirdGVee's avatar
Yay, he/she won. Poor humans tough I guess - buuuuuut they probably started it >:U

But  - as usual - it's awesomely draaaaaaaaaaaawn, great job!

(btwwhyisthereaguyonacross?O_o *gets 100 ideas what it could mean*)
Nachiii's avatar
Yep, surely the dragon wouldn't be aggresive, would he? :D

Thank you very much and sorry for the late response ^^;
Dark-Dragon-13's avatar
ooo... Wow The dragon really won that battle. :)
Nachiii's avatar
Yeah, he did :)
Dark-Dragon-13's avatar
Its Awesome when the dragons win :)
RadiantGloom's avatar
So cool!! I love it, awesome!!
Nachiii's avatar
Thank you very much :)
RadosBadger's avatar
Ukřižovaný muž je také drakovo dílo, nebo to je náhodný "kolemjdoucí"? =P
Nachiii's avatar
Hehe, Darranell si přála, aby tam byli nějací ukřiužovanci. Kdo to provedl si musíme domyslet :P
RadosBadger's avatar
Velmi nevšední dárek. ;P
Kylami's avatar
Well done again, there is no comparison.
Nachiii's avatar
Naxther's avatar
Ah, thanks you very much, both of them :tighthug: :la: Thanks you Darranell and thanks you Nachi ^^ 
Nachiii's avatar
You're welcome :)
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