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Eskimo Curlew

This is an illustration for my professor's article about the Eskimo Curlew (Numenius borealis), a beautiful wader similar to Whimbrel. It used to form huge flocks, but nowadays, you won't see them anymore. In fact, you won't see even a single bird. It was hunted down and the curlew was last seen several decades ago (There's even a movie about this species! It's called The Last of the Curlews). That's why no decent photos with many details exist, mostly just photos of taxidermied individuals. Due to that I had some trouble finding all the characteristics I needed, so I spent several hours just searching for photos, pictures and descriptions. This picture is as accurate as I could make it. Hope you'll like it ;)

This time I was saving the picture in the process, so if you're interested, you can watch the animation here: :thumb353893305:

My other bird paintings:
:thumb394253068: :thumb337108583: :thumb290613362: :thumb285016159: :thumb329108138:
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This is one of the most spectacular wildlife paintings i have ever seen in my 60+ years. The accuracy, the detail, the balance & energy. It is incredible.

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What a bokeh!

I have something from the Hanna-Barbera cartoon

Eskimo Curlew by TrevLafoe
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Thank you for reminding people that we have a responsibility, as stewards of the earth, to stop this from happening to other species.
your picture is beautifully done
Sorry, I didn't see how this works and found where to purchase it.Thank you
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This is so awesome.  Masterfully done.
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Thank you very much :aww:
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Amazing! Just breathtaking! You certainly have a talent for painting birds!
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Thank you very much :aww:
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Awesome shot! I love it!
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Hehe, it's not a "shot" but a painting :P Well, you're not the first one to think otherwise.
Anyway, I'm glad you like it :)
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K tomuhle obrázku se často vracím. Běžně jen na pokochání, dneska na dumání, jak sakra namalovat peří (a jak tak na to koukám, budu u něj meditovat i při malování trávy). ^^
Zanechal ve mě hluboký dojem. Je opravdu nádherný. Buď na sebe hrdá! ;)
Nachiii's avatar
Jé, tenhle komentář mi nějak zapadnul a já jsem na něj vůbec neodpověděla takovou dobu! *stydí se*
Mockrát děkuju, jsem ráda, jestli v něm najdeš inspiraci. :)
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V pohodě, znám to, když člověk zapomene odpovědět na komentáře. Až moc často. ^^
Inspiraci jsem rozhodně našla. Pokud by tě to zajímalo, tak v tomto obrázku:… :)
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Wow, you are very very talented! I love your attention to detail and lighting in this one!
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Thank you very much :hug:
You are Amazing! I love your bird pictures! keep up the good work.
Nachiii's avatar
Thank you very much :aww: I'll do my best :)
You are amazing!!!! I love your bird pictures a lot keep up the good work!
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Thank you very much :aww: I'll do my best! :)
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This is almost like a photo. Awesome :D
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