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say "Hi" and then "goodbye" to my new doomed-to-remain-in-the-closet-forever project, a graphic novel (???) based on the life and works of bohemian writer Franz Kafka ( :heart: ). This is like a cover, lol, or a random image, done for the sake of it, yeah.
I'm sure you won't find NOTHING of the original Kafka's feature in this thing XD and I have to say that drawing a human face from this perspective is like one of the most difficult things ever, for me, with or without a reference!@_@
full view, please.

watercolor + collage on paper

(comunque, ora so perchè avevo quel bell'album da acquerello nuovo nuovo, conservato amorevolmente nel cassetto... è pessimoooo!)
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I made an open source project and put this on its cover (with credits)!…

Would love to work with ya on a fully illustrated kafka project if you're up for it… :)
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He looks absolutely amazing here, even if he looks nothing like himself! :D
maegatr0n's avatar
I would totally read a graphic novel based on the life and works of Kafka. If you EVER decide to do that, I would be so thrilled. This is beautiful. I would love to see more Kafka inspired art! There isn't nearly enough out there.
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I agree!!! I still wish someone more talented and good than me will come out with a Kafka's grafic novel, sooner or later!:D
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thank you!*_*
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damn, I love this one, the texture of the paper and the face, just love this one:) (and yeah, kafka mood in this drawing^^, great)
Nachan's avatar
Thank you so much! <3 this is one of my favorite piece too so far!:P
Love Kafka!
JAt0m's avatar
hey :) would you mind me using this as part of the background of our evening programme for the discharge of my grade from school? it is not going to be published on the web or part of my portfolio. thank youy :)
Nachan's avatar
no problem at all! You can use it!:)
JAt0m's avatar
thanks man! :D my entry didnt win anyways which i cannot understand. the people from my grade did nothing but google clip art and paste it ^^
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love it!!!! good work
Nachan's avatar
oh, thank you!
MYthology1's avatar
I like it allot. I always envisioned Sherlock Holmes as looking sort of like this. This will help me for drawing him now.
Nachan's avatar
Oh, nice!:D Thank you so much!
SaraSic's avatar
I love Kafka, and this is simply perfect!
Nachan's avatar
:) thank you so much!
mochaLATTEinc's avatar
The best Kafka portrait I've seen around here. Astonishing work! Kafka State Of Mind :)
Nachan's avatar
aww, wow, thank you so much!<3
Nachan's avatar
:heart: I love him!
Draw-me-to-death's avatar
Ahhhhh that's so awesome!! Me too! Have you read The Trial??
Nachan's avatar
YESSS! And I loved it! But I loved madly The Castle too, and all the novels, and his letters... Everyhting!<3
Draw-me-to-death's avatar
I've never read Castle, but I have heard it's great!! But yes basically his everything is fantastic
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