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Starlight Waltz

It's no easy task to bring in the night.  The subtlety and scale is overwhelming, but it's what Luna lives for.  Over the years, she has incorporated a dance into the routine, partly for efficiency, but mostly from the sheer joy of painting the world in her beloved starlight.

This was done for the ponyphonic piece of the same name [link].

Edit: lengthened Luna's legs slightly
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This is amazing!
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This is... I have no words. This is beyond AMAZING!
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This is professional work! I am amazed by the texture and design you used for Luna! Keep making these brilliant artworks! +fav Heart 
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Wow this is awesome! i hope you could make more of this in the future! I have one small question. What program did you use to make this? PLus, i love the song!
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Thank you so much! It was painted in Photoshop Elements 10. Not the best program for drawing, but it works!
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 np! and i hope you keep on making music and more pictures this is going to be my backround...
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This is amazing. Just so amazing. I love the song, and this picture. 
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Thank you so much :)
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You're welcome! Have you done art for PonyPhonic before?
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Actually, I am ponyphonic, and I've done all the art so far :) This account is much older than my YouTube channel, so it has a different name. You can find the images for The Moon Rises and Harmony Ascendant in my gallery too, along with my channel image.
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You are PonyPhonic!? Oh XD
Well, your art is awesome. 
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Do you do requests? Just need some a pic for this story I'm writing. 

If you're interested in what exactly I want, here it is: 

It would be Roseluck in the rain, on a dark road. And since I'm lazy, the background would be mist. Roseluck would be in side view, her face in the 3/4 position. (Or whatever you call it when one full eye is showing and the other is partly showing) She would be siting, her tail showing wrapped around the bottom of her body. One hoof (the one in the front) would be raised. Her head would be facing down, her eyes closed with a few tears coming down. Below her raised hoof would be a letter, pink with a heart sticker on it (to seal it). 

And when the story is done, I can give you a link. 
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Sorry, I actually don't do requests, though that sounds like an interesting picture. I have very limited time (and motivation) for drawing, and I need to spend it on my own stuff.
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i really love both this art piece and the waltz by ponyphonic.. they fit each other really well :) listening to the piece without the art to accompany wouldnt be the same.
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Beautiful! I just love Ponyphonic...your art matches their music. :heart:
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I really love this picture, I was watching the music video, found it randomly on youtube and then i randomly found this later lol
<3 So magestic!

<3<3<3 it!

I downloaded the music and i listen to it for inspiration <3
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That makes me really happy :D Thanks for the comment!
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This is really pretty, I love how you did the trees!  And I also loved the song~
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Thank you so much :aww:
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Came from ponyphonic, great art! :clap:
naboolars's avatar
Thank you!  And thanks for the fav :)
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