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Hanging Out by NaBHaN 
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Sweet, a bandanna with a Devil Fruit pattern.
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I love your stuff.  So simple, but so clever.
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Who else though of that Regular Show episode? XD
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Holy crap, this is holy
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( silent laughing ) 
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hehehe de lujo me encanta esta banana 
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That banana has swag! XD
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Regular show anyone? Bensonclapplz  :U
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Benson: Banana!
Host: I'm sorry its bandana!
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Momana mah nana bobana my best friend banana bandana
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Wow. 2000+ favorites over this. More proof of what I was just saying. That creativity, ingenuity, originality and talent are completely independent from success. I guess it's not wearing pajamas because that was actually a kid's show a bit before y2k.
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Why is it always the people with the ugliest art in their gallery that try to bring MY ART down? ;)
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