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I just want to be like you!


Hope you enjoy this quirky concept, it certainly was fun to illustrate it. :D

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hahahahahhaha omg!
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Omg so perf. XD 
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Bahahaha! No one ever asked zebra if he wanted Z to be for him did they?
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this was so funny it made me fartXD
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im confused as to why people read z as zed :/
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I'm confused as to why Americans read it "Zee".
The original name was "Zed", but the Americans liked "Zee" better. :/
BeadGCF17's avatar
i honestly believe zed sounds a bit odd.. :/ zed doesnt seem fitting of the shape of the letter to me, but then again im from america and was raised with hearing 'zee'
also, it is probably like the way the US standard system of measurement probably started: trying to be different from britain/england :/ which is stupid because now i think in confusing US stuff when metrics are easier
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I see what you did there!
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God i luv this guy XD
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I read this zed-bra and not zea-bra at first, so I was confused for a couple of seconds but now I get it XD :iconkillwithfire:
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shadow-boxer-bunny's avatar
this totally made me laugh!
Siren-Serenade's avatar
You should turn this into a t-shirt. I'd totally buy it! :)
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