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When We're Together

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I hope you enjoy it :aww:

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ADORABLE!!!!!!Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] but their still sad upside down Sad Cutecookies Mascot 
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Waafims's avatar
That is Adorable.
Poebie's avatar
That's true love! :-3
canttel's avatar
too cute ooaww X3
sketchywhiskers's avatar
Your so freaking good at this stuff!
kobirita's avatar
I don't know if anybody allready have told you this, but it looks like a bikini, if you look at it on a smal picture :P
But still i think its so cute :D Also look at it upside down XD
AlexxisMKZ's avatar
makes me thinkl of a bikini... Sweatdrop... 
Chiminix's avatar
Makes me think of two tears and a heart
AlexxisMKZ's avatar
? .... *gets better look* aahhh.... now I see it. ^_^ I only said what I did because I saw a kini like that, sort of, and it was really........ Skimpy...... -3- jeez... I wish that girls could stop showing off what's outside and show modesty and show what's INSIDE. Ya know... REAL emotions? Aw crap I ranted again. DX
Mewcakes-BFDI's avatar
Girls can show off what they want. Is it affecting you? No. If they are proud of what's outside, that's completely fine. And nothing says they can't show emotions at the same time. 
AnimalJamRoxMaiWorld's avatar
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Motion-Music's avatar
was this supposed to look like a bikini *CHUCKLES*
Defrakted's avatar
Can I pleeeeeeeease get this one in a shirt? :D
Radiant-Shine's avatar
:iconhnnnngplz: TOO. CUTE. HNNNNNNG!!
SCAREDcats101's avatar
anyone else see a bikini?
YukiTheMaidFox's avatar
got  it  , it took me like  4 secs to  see that  n,n'.
This Kit changed all my life
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