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Towards You

I'm drawn towards your love..


Illustrator CS , 3 hours

Hope you like it. :)
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Your artwork is beautiful-- and I LOVE COMPASSES
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What's not to like? I LOVE THIS!!!
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I just finisjed reading "The golden compass" (I'm sure many people says that book is better than movie, I agree...) and this image is really lovely! it remembers me the book I love :)
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These are lovely. :love:
Yah reminds me a bit af Pocahontas ;)
Great job!
doredore's avatar
i love this :love: it's seems like we had same of ideas..see this one :giggle:
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I love it when simple things say the most...
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... You always post all of this stuff that I wish I would've created myself.. ): That's mean!

... Secretly love it though.
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i wish there would be such a thing(:

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And off we go to the south-east to find love...

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Awsome!!....Awsome!!....Awsome!!....Awsome!!....Awsome!!....Awsome!!....Awsome!!....Awsome!!....Awsome!!....Awsome!!....Awsome!!....Awsome!!....Awsome!!....Awsome!!....Awsome!!....Awsome!!....Awsome!!....Awsome!!....Awsome!!....Awsome!!....Awsome!!.... :)
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This one is fluff! Hahaha! I loooooove it! :D
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Simple and gorgeous. (: I love the design behind the compass.
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that's so sweet!
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I love the simplicity of it, and the feeling you convey through them. It just makes my heart all light and fluffy >.<!!<3
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so much sweetness, i love your work a lot.
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aww this is really lovely ..
very nice one bro ;)
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