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Edit: To all of you whom are saying that 'Monday' is named after the moon, I am very aware of that, the joke is about it being named 'Monday' instead of 'Moonday' which sort of took away from the Moon's glory. Hope it's clearer now.


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my last name is sun, this makes me happyims sands (sans) 
Bludcloud's avatar
so is your first name pokemon
Fistron's avatar
Poor moon. 😢😢😢😢
LemonNeko1911's avatar
Awww don't be upset Moon!
Lynnator's avatar
Sooo pretty! Love the tiny clouds and soft outlines :) The expressions are really lovely, too <3
Emberblue's avatar
LOL!  Love it! :D :sun:
Milyusia's avatar
Monday is pretty close.
I can hear the moon saying : you're a jerk and you know it Sunshine.....
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In Dutch it still is Maandag what's real translated Moonday so no worries Moon my friend, You still have your day :)
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just what I was about to say XD
SassyLunatone's avatar
I'm pretty sure Munday is actually named after the moon but this is still really funny ☺
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That grumpy moon got me.
hetalianforever1234's avatar
Lol this is sooo funny XD
Poebie's avatar
Aww poor moon. XD
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At least the French didn't take away from the moon :)
redwolfradolf's avatar
Nobody's made a comment about praising yet....
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It was because people didn't want someone to make #mooningonmoonday.
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technically he's got all the days of the week as paid homage to him. "day".
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omg why isn't it called moonday? that'd be so much cooler
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Hilariously enough, in French Monday is Lundi, which was inspired by the word Lun, which means Moon.
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