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StickMasterNinja2's avatar
I thought you made an art about gaming.
Fade-Highwind's avatar
Just squish it. Piece of cake.
8BitMonkey's avatar
There's no reason for there to be a slice of pie there, the joke would've worked just as well if it was some guy. Actually, it would've worked better. A lot better. The character being a cake just makes it confusing.
MegaAnimeFreak7's avatar
Flies are attracted to food, so you shoo them away. "SHOOfly pie"
PeggyPotaro's avatar
shoofly pie is a real thing
Cheetashock's avatar
Everything is better with pie...
Mysticaljjjtom's avatar
shoe fly pie :3 lol i get it. XD you made the pie look better in a drawing then it person blah i hate shoe fly pie X.X
SenorKahBuenosAires's avatar
cool!!! ^^
Zetsuclub's avatar
I need your cartoons in a shirt :X
s0mer's avatar
help me! I don't get this one cake and a bug.....o_o WHAT THE HELL!
I-am-ALL-ears's avatar
Looks like an opera torte
Mesprit101's avatar
Tell me, have you made these into shirts yet? Because many people (including but definitely not limited to me) would by the cuss out of them.
jaffacakes1's avatar
i love your work
The expression looks like LSP
xXTheCatsMeowXx's avatar
Teirra-Misaki's avatar
oh god i hate it when flies touchmy food, i stop swatting them away for a SECOND and theyre like "CHAAAAARGE!!!"
MuirOfLanternWaste's avatar
so cute! That poor piece of cake...
pokemonSEGA's avatar
Ninja Star
that is if you haven't already done it?
aammamer2's avatar
lol we can just lol about this!
Awesome job!

missoptimism's avatar
So cute! It made me giggle!
LadyRhianwriter's avatar
Cake needs to make friends with Shoofly Pie... ;)
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