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Smart Phone


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But Dumb Phones are Stonks

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when nokia isnt nostalgic enough
right now it FREAKIN IS
Chrismilesprower's avatar
I'd love to see them wrestle. Then, we'd see who can last the longest. 
ForestStarStudios's avatar
I love all of your artwork! Thanks for making my day better! :aww:
6star's avatar
Smartphones Rule!!

nice one i love it!
LerotheDark's avatar
And then the Nokia hits the Smartphone so hart that it's nothing more than dust Nod 
siborg626's avatar
They look like they could be BMO's cousins
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:iconanimationepic: : lol u been OWNED!

random phone: What? 
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oh look it's mephone
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Ha right that's why they call it smart phone
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one thing i like those older phone is their ruggedness . and battery last much longer.
Smart Phone: look at all my Apps and Features (Wifi,GPS,Bluetooth,Gyro/Accelerometer)... then Battey Drains in one Day.
DumbPhone:...Call/TXT...can take a beating & Keeps on Going upto a week. works most of the time
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Meh, the nokia could just smash the smartphone to pieces.
GorgoniteGirl21's avatar
ooooooooooo smartphone just got burned! gonna rub some aloe onn that burn!
Mini-Tigress's avatar
that would be a good reference to nerds and bullies
MOs-Junk's avatar
That's a pretty good idea actually. The "dumb" phone should have been bigger and "better built", just like the stereotypical bully.

I still like this drawing a lot though. Awesome!
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smartphone be like "I SO SMART AHAHAHAA AT EVERYTHING YOU GET C which your just average and shall go back in tiiiiiime :icontrollfaceplz: "

old phone be like :iconforeveraloneplz::iconcryforeverplz: <(THANKS ALOT JERK!!!! ;n; I JUST TRIED TO BE AWESOME LIKE YOU  )
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I'm the smart one.... my sister.......... let's not talk about that.
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My smart phone isn't as smart. It only gets B's. Lol
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