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Shooting Star

Yep, this is why we sometimes see shooting stars in the sky!


Hope you enjoy this. :D

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Gojiro7's avatar
when this image is in thumbnail form, it funnily paints a much grimmer picture XD 
ImaSecretGarden's avatar
Aww , so cute :) :) love it
MarinaArbelbide's avatar
Adorable and funny thumbs up emote 
Chuoku's avatar
JesKalina's avatar
hahaha xD adorable!!
Aspiring-Awesomeness's avatar
As long as it's not 'starbursts', he'll be fine ;)
deviantYOUNGARTER's avatar
I don't understand.Why the star eats sugar will become shooting star?
Ranki-Chee's avatar
Seems legit xDD
YukiTheMaidFox's avatar
princesslove123's avatar
'Shooting Star' ? I imagine a star shooting the other stars with a gun or something like that. But this is cute nonetheless.
NaBHaN's avatar
interestingly enough I have thought of that, but I felt this approach would be more interesting.
MrFreeTime's avatar
No wonders kids wish on them, they want sugar.
Acidbl00d's avatar
even though what we see as a shooting star aint a star at all :)
Warped-Dragonfly's avatar
Oh my god that's too funny XD
Surathan's avatar
Oh, he was the sun burning bright and brittle
And she was the moon shining back his light a little
He was a shooting star
She was softer and more slowly
He could not make things possible
But, she could make them holy
alphabethater's avatar
he always was a little suicidal...
MorikoW's avatar
Whaha, your drawings are always so funny XD
Makes my day when i'm feeling down, thank you! :)
Willdabeast-0305's avatar
R.I.P. Dinosaurs...
Voltorb's avatar
NOW you made my day :D
Willdabeast-0305's avatar
Then my job here is done. I can finally return home!

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