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Life Is Short

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Ahaha this took me a while to get because I didn't read the title!
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that is pretty deep for a pun
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omfg this is perfect XD 
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It would have the letter 'V' th on its forehead. Have you played "New Super Mario Bros." for Wii or DSi?
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Yes, I did play the game.
But I just said "Vinesauce" because I didn't see that the mushroom didn't have a "V" on it's forhead.
I was also tired :\
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It's ok to do mistakes.
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False, it's the longest thing you'll ever experience.
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*Insert penis joke here*
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Now that a new way of putting it.
A 1-up literally mean one live pear mushroom. losing them all is a GAME OVER!!!
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Better make that life count.
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Cute twist on a real saddening fact! I love it
InPapers's avatar
Life is short! HAHA so clever
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sooo adorable! maybe the mushroom should eat another mushroom and then he'll grow.
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What if Mario ate the mushroom that became big because it ate another mushroom?

Will Mario become a Titan or hell will break loose?
ColorlessPen's avatar
hehe! I like the you think!! 

Imagine how amazing it would be! A bunch of yoshis running around with luigi, peach, daisy,...... with the 3d gear! :D
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Mmm, you only live once so you gotta make the most of it~ Though yeah this is such a cute thing for getting based on a saddening fact.
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what a cute way to a possibly sad fact ovo
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