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Leave the past behind and welcome to a new year

Happy new year to all my followers, I am posting this sequel to my previous new year illustrations early to give you all a chance to share it with your friends and family in time, just remember to link back to my page and credit me for my work. Have a blessed one, and thank you for your continuous support.

Previous entries in this series:

New Year, New Heights by NaBHaN The Year Flew By by NaBHaN

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will you be making one for 2017? :)
NaBHaN's avatar
I've decided to go with a different  style, I noticed a lot of people started copying my concept so it doesn't feel special anymore and I want to move on from humorous illustrations. 
JoanMetal's avatar
ah I see. completely understandable.
SmellyWaffles's avatar
Can't wait for 2017 :happybounce: 
SmellyWaffles's avatar
Nice :D Thanks for the link^^^^
princessireneofceres's avatar
I feel bad but 5 was a little shit anyway, he had it coming. "That's for 4 you ass!"
splatter789's avatar
these just get darker and darker. last year it was 4 falling to its death at the hands of 5, now it's 6 leaving 5 to drown
thecommonchaos's avatar
poor 5 will he be okay
ToonTwins's avatar
UsagiTail's avatar
And the 1 is like: Oh no... I'm up in 4 years to fall D:
Contradictory55's avatar
choshow's avatar
*thinking about "we're all in the same boat" saying*
Deryn-Huskyboi's avatar
don't drown the 5!
TheSilverFlashlight's avatar
5 has a balloon, hopefully he's not a heavy number ;-;
LycoRogue's avatar
I love that all the numbers still have the same colored balloon. :D
Doodlz18's avatar
lol this looks great xD
Paxton-the-Wolf's avatar
Prediction: In 2017.....6 will be eaten by a shark after the boat sinks and 7 saves them from a helicopter....HOW LUCKY!!! 
mayat-s's avatar
وااااو :love:
this is amazing
Tivern's avatar
Poor number 5!! xD
Denimtrans's avatar
Yeah but it did the same thing with number 4.
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