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Worm: I can't believe you ate our home...AGAIN!


Hope you like it.

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How do i stop typing in italics idk how i started doing it 
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"I can't believe you ate our home...AGAIN!"

Again? Did she say again?! Hungry bastard!
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She? How do you know it's a she? Sexist...
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go back to tumblr boo
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Is it just me or did you just do this to be a complete asshole for no real reason?
I think the correct response to this would've been...

"I don't care what you think, bitch".

Seriously, go fuck yourself.
Cupcakequeen16's avatar
I don't know. I just pictured the worm saying that quote as a she.
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Well, there are no female worms, whatsoever (worms are hermaphrodites). I think this is is a great example of how we put human feelings onto animals, and human stereotypes. That one acts like a female. Or more like: The other worm acts like a male, and you guess that if they're living in the same "house" they have to be a heterosaxual couple. How did the other worm act male you say? He ate much and was irresponsible.

I think this also makes us undersand how we look at each others, when it comes to stereotyping, racism and such. We categorize.

Animals that looks like they're smiling, or have a more beautiful plumage will be fed more by humans. For an example, you'd rather give money to help a monkey that smiled towards you, even though a smiling monkey is actually angry.

It's kinda sad when you think about it. We do it on humans too. A white person, speaking to other white person, about another white person won't mention the colour of this person. However if they're talking about someone with another skin colour the possibility of this person mentioning it ´, increases, dramaticly.

I'm not saying that you're a racist, no, you seem alright, but after all, you did use gender roles to understand a theoretical worm.
Cupcakequeen16's avatar
I read your comments twice because it was sort of hard for me to understand.
I see what you are trying to say, that I use gender roles on the worms. It was just a small joke and I didn't think my comment would matter. 😓
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Of course your comment didn't matter; you just called an imaginary worm "she"(though all worms are both genders). I just wanted to point it iut, because we put other human rules and stereotypes on animals as well. We're kind of looking at animals like they're people in our society, but animals don't think like we do. Or just simply:
We put our stereotypes on animals. I just used your comment as an example, it doesn't really matter.
Cupcakequeen16's avatar
Oh okay. Thanks for letting me know.
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puts a whole new meaning to eating ya at of house and home
MrFreeTime's avatar
Just like kids in houses made of candy..
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heehehehehehehehe gamdaa !!!!! XD
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Other worm: "The fridge was empty. Sorry."
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aww hez such a pig :lmao:
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How do you know it's a he? (Sexism)
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i want to make some notebook. can i use ur picture plz
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I've never seen a better example of being eaten out of house and home.
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cute but how do they carry the suitcases?
SallyLoveMuffin's avatar
or like a necklace
Dotswap's avatar
With their mouths I guess.
RukiaFanGirl's avatar
Oh,poor giliszta : // : DD
collinbollin's avatar
i guess you could say
*puts on sunglasses*
he ate them out of house and home
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