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Family Portrait

The picture of a happy family


Hope you like it. :aww:


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I faved this back when it first came out in 2011 and now in 2019 I have gotten a tattoo inspired by this design.  On my right forearm I have a cloud, sun, and rainbow done in watercolor/paint style for a tattoo. This image alone carries allot of meaning for me and its so simple and I had love it. Thank you for making this piece of artwork. 

What this picture and what my tattoo means to me - 
My dad is my light. He is always here for me on my best days. We have adventures, he showed me how to smile, and love. He is my Sun 
My mom is there for me at my worst. When im depressed, sad, down. She will be the one keeping me company and reminding me I'm loved. She is my support beam she is my rain cloud. 
On there own they are both pretty great but together they make something special. A rainbow, which is me. 

Thank you so much NaBHaN 
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awww ♥ ♥ ♥!!
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Awwww :heart:
I might just explode from adorableness overload ^^
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I think your orage and yellow are backwards though, if you remember... ROYGBIV. 

Still really cute though. 
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can this be a print?
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awwwwwwwwwwwwww love the rainbow!
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I posted this on Reddit earlier today :D Thought you might like to see why it's been getting so much attention. [link]

Great image, I love it :D
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That's clever. Good job.
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This pic is so cute! Mom, dad and ... a rainbow!
I really love your art! You are so great!!
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Really beautiful potrait! :3
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sometimes, they have twins!! (double rainbows)
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Lol so cute! xD
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