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Crack Up


Been on holiday for a month, trying to warm up with a simple visual pun, I hope you enjoy it.


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Someone needs some serious repairing...

cringemaster9000's avatar
im eggcited to see more of these coming! (sorry i had to....)
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xXTheQuietOneXx's avatar
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Be careful now, you might BREAK into tears.
Bound-To-The-Ground's avatar
He laughed to death.
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I liked this mainly for how foolish the clown egg looks, loool so good!
FizzBuzz3456's avatar
It's no yolk, all-white? :D (Big Grin) 
(sorry I just had to) 
NeopolitanWhiteRhino's avatar
An eggcellent post. (sorry, I had too)
MarinaArbelbide's avatar
That's one way to represent it! Very nice :) 
Chuoku's avatar
I would make a joke but all the good ones Argon.... No.. Just me? 😂😭
sigycouture's avatar
yooooo... you just killed your own friend! see clowns are deadly
Sivsi's avatar
There's a reason kids fear them.
ScarletDreams14's avatar
This is so stupid I absolutely love it XDD
Vex97's avatar
He was found dead the next day...
Cupcakequeen16's avatar
"lol, you crack me up!"

Literally. XD
Talongrasp's avatar
I...guess that answers the joke about when one egg told another a joke. :D
AngelicMiani's avatar
So what he's trying to do is kill him with laughter?
So laughter isn't the best medicine....
Blackfire2Q's avatar
this Puns are so bad....but I can't stop favoriting them!!! What is wrong with me? 
tempestofazure's avatar
This had me  laughing for a good 10 minutes, good one!
PurpleCow81's avatar
The egg on the right didn't even have to get to the "yolk"

... sorry :P
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