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Candy Land

"Daddy , is heaven made of candy?"


Illustrator CS , 7 hours. This is my most complex piece to date because there are so many elements in it which needed vector painting to make it look 3d-ish (all the lolipops , chocolate door , jelly beans ..etc). Hope u like it..I certainly enjoyed illustrating this even though my back is killing me now. lol
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Hey! I took this picture, and added it to my featured collection "Candy!" Congrats!…

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Candyland is one of my favorite childhood games. :D
I cannot believe this is all a collection of vectors...The smoothness of your piece is great.
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Just to let you know, this piece has been featured in this news article: [link]
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That's not a news article, it's a link to a dA journal.
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Can I use this drawing for an assignment of school?
and may I also it upload on DA?

it looks really nice ^^
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Sure, have fun. :)
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am so there! :p

awesome work
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OMG this is really vector? Mesh?
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not mesh, a blend of pencil tool, pen tool and paint brush tool. :)
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Oh yeah... Very cool, thank you! Tablet too, right?
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nope, just a regular mouse. :)
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Oh wow. o.o (sorry for the delay XP)
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OMG this is really vector? Mesh?
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Hey, just wondering if I could borrow this image, I know this sounds weird, but I need to use it as a background for a picture of Cannibal Corpse. Since it'll probably end up on dA, I thought I'd get your permission first. I'd give you credit of course. :)
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Oooooooooooooooh! >Stares at picture in wonder.< If THAT'S heaven - then I count me in!
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Nice one
can I use it in my picture, please
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HI there ;P
You have been featured here [Candies' Invasion] :gummybear:
Enjoy :D
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