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it taste like carboard lol

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....... Same .............
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(Ksnrk) ThAts-(ahem)-That's not funny. (It totally was. XD)
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His life must be a living hell.
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Nice! You should make something with a stone (just maybe)
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*pun alarm goes off* Haha HahahaNO Emote ha ha ha what is... Britney Spears - Hilarious Britney Spears That is funny naruto gif  Hashirama Senju haha Britney Spears - LOL London Haha So Funny Dara XD haha smiley Britney Spears - HA HA HA 
I'm all "a"board for that joke.

No... No... My joke were bad, and I should feel bad.
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Plank is disapointed. From Ed edd and Eddy 
On1One-on-on-on-111's avatar
I was a teacher most of my career, reminds me of how I felt when confronted by a class of third years on a Friday afternoon, On1.Toast 
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the face he gives looks more like "I just realized i'm a piece of wood" 
faryba's avatar
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Oh I thought it was"planking"
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ah, i WOOD also feel that way if i were you! :/
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Ohhhh................ This is so cool.
I love puns to be honest!
  You are the master!!!
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