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I'm addicted to you..


This is sort of like a sequel to my 'Love Potion' piece > [link]

Hope you like it.

Illustrator CS , 4.5 hours
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Y'know it's addictive when it looks like it was prescribed by a magic pixie.
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The perfect poison
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i like it cause it have some dirty (because drugs and and all this stuff) but on the other hand its so gently and sweet... Great mix!!!
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I am addicted to pink ^^

Amazing =)
piuke's avatar
This is a dangerous one indeed!
SOURd's avatar
Adorable. I had to fav. <33
AmayaofChaos's avatar
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beautiful concept, marvelous execution, i love this!
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Amazing, you managed to make a syringe look cute....:P!
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Oh, that's lovely !
I like the concept very much. Plus that shad of pink is awesome.
RdSnpr08's avatar
wow how did you come up wtih that
UFOSTYLE's avatar
very meanful :peace:
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Two faves in a row. <3
Kinda pasted you all over my journal 8D
visualexposure's avatar
Accidentally requested a print when my hand got shoved. Please ignore it.
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It's so cute :O
fanficbug's avatar
Really creative. ;) And, of course, cute, while at the same time a little creepy due to the presence of needles (which I hate. :lol:). Good job! :thumbsup:
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I love it! I like how your work is so cute, always puts a smile on my face! x
Redberry-Pie's avatar
I just love the simplicity and the colors, great job
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You are using A-Illustrator as good, keep it up brother.
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