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Queen Chrysalis

By NabbieKitty

Queen Chrysalis vector trace for
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You're so cute
Chrysalis: I'm not cute!
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I didn't like this character until yesterday I drew her out of boredom and I used said, "Holy crap I love this character"
AndrewDent's avatar
Incredible work here :D You did an excellent job capturing all of her details accurately from the actual show :clap:
ArterialBlack716's avatar
i remember the scene where she poses like this just because it's such a cool pose. probably my favorite villain. also, i see you around a lot on Chrysalis pictures. hello.
AndrewDent's avatar
Indeed it is! :D

And thank for noticing. Hello to you, too :)
850i's avatar
She wants my love?
DartAsh's avatar
I really love her eyes and smile, nice work Love 
DartAsh's avatar
I really like her gaze, beautiful work.
Huh, haven't seen a evil face for a while.
Swiss cheese.
FandomChanger01's avatar
Meh. Ooh try to tern into discord plz!!!!!
AliceandTails's avatar
she's scary but great pic dude! i always thought she was nightmare moon guess i was wrong! Clapping Pony Icon - Queen Chrysalis 
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