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18 mm
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Jun 27, 2010, 4:24:21 PM
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just awesome

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naalinana24Student Traditional Artist

thank you :)

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DraakeTHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured

This is a natural worm view perspective offered by nature.......this thanks those trees on a hill-high/ few words are up of your horizon line and you photographer tecnically are on the same level of the "ground" horizon.....

on a flat ground to do the same you have to use your dear knees on the "soft" ground....and if it is winter with snow is not much relaxing :D

As you see worm natural perspective like this case or worm perspective studied on the field by the photographer if well used and if there is the right creates always visual magnificence....the previous user wrote " feeling of a cathedral"...Exactly.....

There is few to do, horizon is key-secret on each sector, photography, drawing, painting.......If you learn to dominate the horizon line you can dominate the world :pat:

Natural or studied......this perspective is hard......and require high skill on field because is necessary study the environment!

in this shoot you did a cool capture!! You captured not only the essence of a worm perspective but also the complete

description of the place where is well visible ground + a complete set of trees.....well the lighting in this scene of course

helped 1 ton.....because a burning lighting into wooden/forest destroy contrasts and by by harmony!! the soft lighting has

created the perfect harmony of all tones. For this reason the viewer can view perfectly all details!

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naalinana24Student Traditional Artist

huh, I didn't realize :) but thank you so much for explaining! I'll definitly have to look up perspectives in general; I mean I know some basics about photography but no more than that. I'm actually a painter and photography is more like a hobby ;) but it sounds like there is much more to it than I knew and it would be interesting to try out new things :) and maybe I could also use it for composition when painting, even if the two are very different. do you perchance know a good website?

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DraakeTHobbyist Digital Artist

Im an hobbyst me too......but study for personal culture require be professional? Hobbyst or professional study is always cool..and if you have the luck to study what you like it become also funny and extra cool!

Painting and photography at the end of the story are the same thing...The best way to learn perspective horizon line is on the field...analyzing the world around you. Apparently is easy......but when you analyze the world around you under the point of view of horizon and perspective you'll notice it is reality "normal" people when observe the world don't pay attention to the details hidden in the infinite world of perspective!

On the net there are all topics..but to discover them you have to learn all terms in the time! More terms and topic you learn and more you'll be able to hunt your specific personal info. Example of term? Inclined planes.....probably i had discovered this immense topic after 1 year :D Of course study alone is difficult. For this reason slowly in the time many times i request the help of masters in the sector....Impossible go forward without their help!!!!

A path extremely long but if you like is funny......

I have tons links....But my advice is to start from little things

the following links are not little things :D But i attach you them only to show only 1% of the entire topic

check the horizon line how works in photography ------>

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naalinana24Student Traditional Artist

I'm sorry it took so long – thank you so much for the links! I will definitly go through them as soon as I have some time… ;)

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An amazingly lush deep summer forest-scape. The light is very interesting, and the perspective creates the feeling of a cathedral. Very nice photo.
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naalinana24Student Traditional Artist

thank you as always! :) – & yes, trees always have these interesting perspectives, especially at clearings and if one looks upwards :)

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