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    Location: Mountains
    Isomara: 038 - Ulap 
    Companions: n/a




Iso(s) - NatNatB 
Art - Me
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Full Body: 25
Color: 5
Simple Shading: 5
Advanced Background: 15
Basic Anim: 20
Exploration: 2

Total = 72 ss

while exploring the Isomara found:
x1 Rocks
x1 Silver
x1 Topaz

[Random Encounter!]

As Ulap picks away at some ore they startle a memora. It jumps upon noticing Ulap and runs around before quickly stopping to stare at Ulap.

What you must do:
Decide whether you want to fight or flight from the memora(s). Remember to consider each of the Isomara's stats who are currently in the confrontation.

Would you like to fight or flight from the memora(s)?