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Papercraft Hylian Shield

Papercraft Hylian Shield with fiberglass lining and foam core.
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wow this is amazing
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That papercraft is beautiful. I have one with foam core too but i used colorless varnish and its really good. 
But i'm searching for other materials to use and compare, so can you tell me how you use the fiberglass?  

Thank you!

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So when I built the model I made it in two separate pieces (front and back) so I could resin inside. First I coated it with clear epoxy resin (outside and inside). This gave it some strength and "waterproofed" it so that the fiber glass resin wouldn't soak into the paper and ruin the texture/warp the model. Then I just lined the inside with fiberglass cloth and then coated it all with fiberglass resin. Once that was cured I sprayed in some gap filler foam. I also filled the handle with bondo to strengthen it. Once that cured I cut the foam flush and glued the two shield halves together with super glue. Hope this helps. This guy does a pretty good tutorial for fiberglassing pepakura stuff:…
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omg that looks so awesome, makes me wanna repaint mine