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Bb-8 Papercraft

Pic of finished model: BB-8 and R2D2
Download Files: bb-8 files
Update 1: A Youtuber by the name of Yoshiny Yo made a "how to" video. Go check it out:
Update 2: Revell-Fan has made a version with updated texture which can be downloaded here: download
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could you just post the files on deviant art as pngs for us to download I tried the link and had no success

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Hi there. Sorry you are having trouble with the download. 4shared can be tricky sometimes. I just tested it and it still works. I had to accept the cookie policy and login with my Facebook account before it would let me download.

There is another version with better detail made by Revel that you can download (link in the description. For that one you will need to make a Zealot account, but the download still works there as well.

Unfortunately these are not image files (png, jpg, gif...). It is a zip file containing a pdf and pdo file. DeviantArt is not very friendly with hosting non-image files so options are a little limited. Eventually I plan to host all the files on my own website, but that is still in the works.

Sorry I can't be more help. :shrug: Hope you can get the download to work.

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Thank you for creating the model! I made one as a gift for a relative.
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You're welcome! I hope they liked it.
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good day!thank you for sharing this wonderful file..  do you know where i can resize this to "life size" using mac? i cant download pepakura viewer bcoz its not supported. thank u in advance!=)
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1. Open the bb-8.pdf in adobe reader.
2. Select: File > Print
3. Under "Page Sizing & Handling" select "Poster"
4. Set "Tile Scale" to 463% (life size)
5. Print

Warning: Doing this will make the texture and details very blurry. I'd recommend using the same process on my other bb8 model, setting tile scale to 273% for life size.
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Very nice!!!!
Cool!!! But, How can I change the measures from the .PDO File? I mean, I know I can use the pepakura viewer, but how to change it's proportions to a "real life size one"? Anyway, thanks for posting! (:
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In the "2D Menu" there is a "change scale" option.
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So soon before the actual movie! Laugh
Anyway it's a great model, well done!
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