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My goal is to stop working to merely survive. What I will do is work hard to make it sweet. 
Diligently position myself where I can be blessed.  Stop settling for mundane, but still find treasures in the ordinary. The treasures are in less than extraordinary places and so I'm trying to be more ready to mine them. Having a camera on hand, or a bag of oil paints packed in the car works.
To really make it sweet we got to break routines and think outside our normal experience. 
Find a quiet place and Meditate on finding the ideal outcome to every situation. 
Create witty strategies, but don't get stuck on our plans.  Be quick on our feet. Sometimes our best opportunities come through small windows. 
Look for the life and say "Yes" to it.  Identify the things that you have been doing out of a sense of false obligation or compromise and start saying "No" to them. 
Be honest with your beliefs, your desires, your convictions, your abilities and your limitations, so that the life you experience and the people you let in your life can match. Try to understand what "will of the father" means and how different it is from your lazy, comfort seeking, self preserving side. I see the 'Will of the Father' as a very personal stream that your life can follow and it's desire is maximum vitality as it relates to your involvement on this planet. If you're listening, it will call.  The will might get you to start a conversation with a stranger, climb a mountain close by, try out a new restaurant, sell your house, or start a worthy protest. The will of the father requires drive, and motives that aren't sidestepping the needs or rights of others for your wants. Following the Will, also leads you into sacrifice. In your following and this sacrifice, superficial desires will beckon you as you move painfully past them to the heart of what you desire, and they can come true!  Seek first the will, the Kingdom, and all these things will get added as their importance falls in order.
The Sweet life comes to us like manna, (if you remember the story of how Israel was fed when they were wandering in the wilderness after the Exedos). You can't plan how manna falls from the heavens but you can plan how you will collect it.  Finally, you can't store the sweet life, those moments that only come once, for another time, nor can you come back for them later. They won't be there, and if you stop to regain what is gone you will miss the new manna that is falling. 

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Submitted on
May 6, 2014


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