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Stopping at a bluff overlooking the river, to lose himself in the melody of her song, and the light of the sun bouncing of her rippling surface, he picked his nose.  Rolling the snot between his fingers, he fell deep in thought. He found his mind wander to thoughts of Jesus.  Did some people get high to connect with this world class Deity?  Why was he so popular?
Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a folded piece of paper. On the page were written a list of fresh phone numbers belonging to cute real estate agents he had seen on bill boards. He had already been with a handful since collecting them.  
Ripping up the page he let those numbers scatter into the river like ashes of his former self.  He promised himself that he would do two things.
That these two things would guide him on the path. Just as the river bed guides the river which she carries, so too the river carves the river bed which carries her. From there she finds a way to the ocean. He knew that wholeness is connecting with the whole and that ultimately the entire process from the galaxies, to the day to day events was something that he was a part of as much as anything else. So he thought about the two things that would guide him, and searched for the paper they were written on. Turns out they were written on the back of the page with the phone numbers.  He was ok with renting anyway.
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