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A life from the past. My inspiration is a painting that belonged to my grandma:

You are the one who's heart is far
It took so long to find us where we are
To hide my love that we do not share
I avoid your eyes like I just don't care

We were friends in a life long passed
And a story it was that was done too fast.
A time when I knew I could just be me
Not trying to impress, just sipping our tea

Our work was hard, but our love was so sweet
We used the same plate and sat on the same seat.
Our tent had a rip from where a tree fell
Life in the highlands, just me and my gal.

Eventually we built a house on a farm
Got a white goose to add to the charm
Each night you laid your head on my chest
Lovers forever needing some rest

Work out of town called me away
I still remember leaving that day
The morning was dark but you stood at the door
as I got the cart ready and hooked up the horse

Waiving your hand and wishing me well,
That life would change for me and my gal.
I never came back is how this tale ends
But now it starts over,  maybe we can be friends?
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