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After sleeping soundly for what seemed a few hours of dreaming, I lightly awoke to adjust my body's position. As I roled from my back to my right shoulder, a phantom figure sitting in the great arm chair in the right corner of my room caught my periphery and gave me a split second startle. I soon expected my eyes to adjust to the contents of this form being reduced to the arrangement of colours and shapes from articles of clothes and scarves draped over the corners of the chair, but that is not what happened. Instead the form sharpened into a saintly looking man in robes.  "What the hell are you doing in my room!", I screeched in a forced whisper. "You keep visiting me in the night", he answered.  
After staring at his unearthly face for a few seconds without words, I finally asked him. "Are you God?"  Amused he smiled lowering his eyes in the direction of his hands, fingers spreading as he pushed his palms onto his knees.   "I am one of my kind, that is all" he said in a voice so indistinguishable I could only say it sounded like the mind's narrative. "When you say I keep visiting you, do you mean in a lucid dream state? Neither awake or fully asleep?" 
"Something like that, but it goes a little deeper than that. I live in a plane, very close to yours, with very distinct boundaries, but certain leaks can bring about the kind of interactions you and I are having right now. With that simple explanation, I was asked to intercede on your behalf, I mean, the benefits go both ways of course. I have an offer for you." Reaching into his tunic he sorted two articles, one into each hand. "I want you to take one."  Crawling to the corner of my bed, I looked into his palms. In one hand a black pill, in the other a cloudy white one.
"What's this black one. Some kind of death pill?" Holding it closer to my face, he offered me a better look into what looked like a deep pond wrapped in a transparent gel, "Pretty good, but no. That's the white one" he answered, bouncing it in the other hand. "Take the black one and you live. Take the white one and you fall into your sleep and never awake." 
The white one sounds pretty tempting, I must admit. Why would I even take the black pill? I'm already alive, and after 40 years I'm still not sold."  Standing from the chair, his face grew slack loosening the opening around his black eyes. "You are neither dead or alive. That is why you keep wondering into our plane in the night watch. I'm offering you a chance to really live. To swallow the darkness of life once and for all, to embrace her hard lessons, to leap from your nucleus and into the grand!" The atmosphere vibrated as he spoke, and I paused to take in his outrageous offer.
"Yeah, but the white one gets me into heaven, right?" 
"Heaven!" He laughed. "Ha! If only it was that simple. You have no idea of what lies beyond. Your mind could never comprehend its complexity or It's singularity" 
"Life is not so black and white, Fool." He clutched his hands and stepped to the window. Try to get some sleep." His silver hair which caught the moonlight, turned into black ringlets and a beard pushed off his jaws, reminding me of the old paintings of Japanese samurai and an old Babylonian king all in one. My new found delirium took me to places I can't describe, and with the sound of a passing train he was gone. 
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August 30, 2015


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