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Ryoko Sketch

Here's a few of the more exceptional sketch pieces from my more recent art-streams.

It's certainly been a while since I've been actively posting on the scene, but know that I never stopped drawing.

I figured I'd give it a shot at depicting one of my first-time anime crushes: Ryoko Hakubi (from Tenchi Muyo!) and while this is still a very early sketch/composition, I feel like there was some very good energy coming off of this one.

Hope you all enjoy the sketches, and I definitely hope that I can get back to consistently posting once again!
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Ryoko Queen supreme. <3

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It's my intention to eventually depict my version of all the Tenchi cast, and so far I've got a couple of fairly refined sketches in Ryoko (obviously) and an Ayeka that I've yet to post.

Lord knows I NEED to get back into posting some newer works these days, but I've been very-much caught up with work and sorting personal affairs in the wake of my father's passing.

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My first anime crush 😍

Nice to see more work from you.