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Mary-Gold Tauros: Flat Colors

I'm steadily getting back into the rhythm and groove of digital art (as it's a skill I'm trying to develop) and I've been having some fun experimenting with some of the features of Krita.

While I honestly don't think any of those test works are worth sharing, I do feel a compulsion to at least drop this one for display. Once I've got this piece at a point I think is a bit more "complete" I'll see about posting the final results. Til then, I hope you all like the flat colors for Mary-Gold so far.
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Huh I suddenly feel like having some fresh, warm milk....weird question but do you know where I can get some? ;P
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OH!  i remember this one.  Nicely done with the bright colors!
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Not worth sharing? Your nuts, they're great
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lovely work ^^ , hope can make some fanart of her?