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Mary-Gold Tauros: Donation Button Art

By N8Dogg5k
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Much like the title suggests, this here is the line-art for the donation button I'm currently working on for my Picarto streaming site.

I kinda liked the idea of putting my character Mary-Gold doing a "Consider the Following" type pose, while in a set of overalls, and hopefully you all find it fun too.

There isn't much else to say here except for you all to keep an eye out for when the finished piece emerges.
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Lovely-Bacar's avatar
Wow your line art is really great!
N8Dogg5k's avatar
Thank you for the kind words.
Lovely-Bacar's avatar
CheekyIfa's avatar
Did she put watermelons on her chest
N8Dogg5k's avatar
Trust me, she's not nearly as big as some characters I've been asked to draw.
CheekyIfa's avatar
Well i've never
PaulGQ's avatar
I was wondering when we'd see more of her!

MrAMP's avatar
That's quite the stunning pose, especially with that cleavage shot.  I particularly like this pose as it does show like she's presenting something.
BoredKomix's avatar
I like it!
Gonna color it, right?
N8Dogg5k's avatar
I'm working on that now.
ShadowLockhart's avatar
I can't really see where her right hand went
N8Dogg5k's avatar
I'm well aware of how her right arm/hand looks in this image. The idea was that her hand is kinda going behind her back, but it's just something I've gotta fix.

All the same, I figured I'd post what I've got so far.

I might crop the image to help cover up the gaff, or go for that hard-edit.
ryutuisen's avatar
Nice Work gut is it me or does her right hand looks kinda small?
N8Dogg5k's avatar
Do you mean her left hand?

Her right hand isn't depicted here.
ryutuisen's avatar
ah is behind her? ok tricky to see 
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