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Feeling the Crunch

By N8Dogg5k
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Now that the convention-going season has wrapped up for me, I'm going to break step with tradition a little bit here, and post the art-prints that were for sale at the shows.

This piece is titled Feeling the Crunch, in part because three of my characters are all mushed together into one (way too tiny for them) frame, but mostly because I finished this image a mere day before I had to leave for Anthrocon 2018.

Leading into the event, I was feeling somewhat void on inspiration, and as the date of the convention drew closer and I closer, I kept telling myself I had to get some kind of new art-print made to sell at the table.

While I probably stressed far more about the matter than I should have (as there was no real obligation on me to have any new prints available) it was something I told myself I'd do for my very first Anthrocon, and dammit, I was going to do it!

Thus, the idea hit me at the last possible minute to have my original adult-comic trio of Bast Katt, Fida Cantor, and Mary-Gold Tauros all crammed into one place that clearly wasn't big enough for any one of them, let alone three. Having them slightly pop-out of frame is a touch meta for sure, but I'd like to think it adds a bit more fun to the overall vibe.

In the end, I'd say I'm rather satisfied with the final result, and I can only hope you all dig it as well.

The line art was created using Micron Pens for the inks on 9 x 12 Bristol Board, while the colors and screen-tones were rendered in the digital art program Krita.

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PhantomFoxy 2: Adorable 😄.
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I saw you post this on Twitter, and have to admit, I really love how it turned out!  The linework and coloring look great, and the picture is lively and energetic.  I'm rather curious who these three characters are... :3
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Like I wrote in the comments, they are my trio of adult-comic OC's.

Bast Katt (the Cat-girl crammed in the middle) Fida Cantor (the muscular Dog-girl sporting the side-boob) & Mary-Gold Tauros (the Cow-girl rockin' the overalls)

I fully intend to do a series of stories involving these three at some point in the future, as they've been floating in my head since the early 2000's, and I've had them appear in a bunch of silly side projects throughout the years. It's high-time they had their own moment to shine.
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Ahhhh, I know how that goes. Well, I think all three seem quite interesting (although Mary-Gold may be my personal favorite so far!).  Looking forwards to seeing more of them!
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If those two had turned around this would be a different story.
Instead of feeling a crunch should be feeling the squish 
N8Dogg5k's avatar
Hmmm... Could be fun for a sequel in the future maybe.

Been meaning to do a Marshmallow Hell piece for some time now...
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I want to see this now!  X3
N8Dogg5k's avatar
Well that's two votes now...
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