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Fan Art: Ziggy of The Demon Mages



This was the fourth piece I did in a small series of images meant for my good friend Crybringer.

The character Ziggy has stood as the team leader for a reason, and that's because she has always been a badass. There isn't much else left to say other than Ziggy is the boss, and if you don't comply, you're gonna be on the wrong end of that tetsubo of her's.

Regardless of that, Crybringer's story of The Demon Mages has always been super cool to me, and I've always considered myself a fan, so I thought I'd try my hand at doing commercial-break/show-bumper style artwork of the main cast.

Overall, I'm fairly pleased with how all of them came out, and I can only hope you all dig the line-art too.

Colors are currently in the process of being done.

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Always a pleasure seeing your work man. Very nice.